[ATTACK] New bug-fix build

Get it while it's hot, the new Inform ATTACK (or download the current latest version - it's the same now, but will lead you to any future updates). Changes:

1. The combat states are no longer called "Normal", "Act", "React" and "Reacted", but are now called "at-Normal", "at-Act", "at-React" and "at-Reacted". This was done in order to avoid namespace clashes. (Updating any existing code should be trivial: just search for "combat state".)

2. Several bugs and unintended aspects of the reloading system are fixed.

3. A few other very minor fixes.

The manual and the example game have been updated to reflect these changes.  

You need this new version of ATTACK to compile "'Mid the Sagebrush and the cactus"!


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