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IF Comp Results

The results of the Interactive Fiction competition 2011 are in . Kerkerkruip took a very respectable 8th place out of 38 games, which was almost exactly what I expected. What I didn't expect, at all, was having such a low standard deviation! Either fewer people than I expected hate roguelikes, or people were impressed enough by the technical aspects of the game to ignore their dislike of the genre. Participating in the IF Comp was a very good idea. Kerkerkruip has now been played by many more people than I would have otherwise reached. That is not just something to caress my ego, as we say in Dutch, and not just a way to get more feedback either, though it is that. What I hope is that Kerkerkruip will become something of a standard example of randomised combat and tactical gameplay in IF. Not in the sense of "the standard", but in the sense of "one of the ways you can do it, and a game you should take a look at if you want to attempt something in that direction&