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Indie Intiative Bundle of Holding

If you have any interest at all in pen and paper RPGs, you should get the Indie Intiative Bundle of Holding (for sale for another 20 hours, so be quick). It contains many of the most important games to start the indie RPG movement. So much so, in fact, that the list of games basically is a list of everything I bought and played between 2002 and 2007. I can assure you that the following games are all excellent, both to play and to study: Breaking the Ice The Shadow of Yesterday Trollbabe Dogs in the Vineyard Inspectres My Life with Master Polaris Sorcerer Universalis I have not played octaNe and Munchhausen, but they are well spoken off. All for less than 23$! It's an offer you should not refuse. I didn't refuse, even though I already owned nine of them in physical book form.