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I would have posted this to the newsgroup, but these days, with the forum going strong -- well, I just don't know where to reach people anymore. :) There was an apparently large IF-gathering at PAX East 2010, which really sounded like the place to be for all IF-afficionados. Will something similar be going on this year? If so, I will seriously consider coming (although it would be contingent on whether I could combine it with another visit to the US, and with my teaching back home, and uh, on whether it is still possible to get tickets and stuff?).

Dutch article on IF in "nY"

The Ghent-based literary magazine nY has published an article on interactive fiction by Michel Vuijlsteke: Tussen spel en literatuur. Over interacieve fictie ("Between game and literature. About interactive fiction"). It covers the history from Adventure to The Space under the Window and Galatea , without any nostalgia for the commercial era; and also points out some of the special features of the medium. It is, in fact, a very good article and definitely something you can point Dutch-speaking people to who would like to learn more about IF.