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The further adventures of Stiffy Makane

Herman Schudspeer has released a new game: Nemesis Macana . (Who is Herman Schudspeer? Well, let's just say that careful textual analysis of his works might reveal him to be me, although it admittedly might also reveal him to be William Shakespeare or Herman Melville.) With this game, Herman adds to the growing body of Stiffy Makane games, a genre of interactive fiction that is famous for its high-brow literary analysis and cheap pornographic jokes. What are the critics saying? "If Mentula Macanus was our V , and Cavity of Time our, er, Cave of Time , then surely Nemesis Macana is our Pale Fire ." -- Adam Thornton "a quick porno-loop riff" -- HanonO "Mister Schudspeer: A+." -- Ryan Veeder "I'm with Ryan, on the rating: Giant Red (like the tip of Stiffy's --- you know what.)" -- Jamespking "a parable about the fundamentally neurotic nature of totalising theories " -- Sam Kabo Ashwell Check out the IFDB page