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[IF and Linux] Inform 7

What is it? Inform 7 is a new but already widely used interactive fiction language, but also the IDE which has been developed in tandem with this language. (It is not the now version of Inform 6, which it hardly even resembles. The name is a bit confusing.) In terms of writing interactive fiction, Inform 7 is probably the most important application, so it is a top priority for IF on the Linux desktop. Availability for Linux When Inform 7 came out, there were a Windows and a Mac OS X version, but no Linux version. (I wrote Fate on Windows.) Today, however, there is a Linux version, thanks to P. F. Chimento; it is written to integrate well with Gnome, and is available as a .rpm for Fedora 10 and as a .deb for Ubuntu 8.10. These packages will presumably also install on other version of Fedora/Ubuntu and on other distributions that use either .rpm or .deb. You can also try to compile new packages from source, which is available from SourceForge. Finally, there is a command line version