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Video: fictional truth and secondary worlds

Posted a new interactive fiction video . Starting (again) from Adam Cadre's 9:05 , I discuss issues about fictional truth, secondary worlds and canonicity. Major roles for Tolkien and M. John Harrison. This video should a lso of interest to traditional fiction folks! Since I wrote out the entire text of this video, I'm planning to post that as an article here sometime in the future.

Video: "9:05" by Adam Cadre

I've been playing around with video editing software, in part because I'm probably going to need it for teaching next semester -- at least if I want to do it well. But I decided to first try my hand at an interactive fiction video, and so here I have for you an analysis of Adam Cadre's 9:05 . Clearly, I need a better camera. Less clearly for you, but clear for me, is that I need more memory and CPU/GPU power. However, otherwise I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts, both in in terms of the technical aspects of the video and of course in terms of the substance of what I'm saying.