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PC Gamer Top 100 of all times

Did I miss this? Or is this news? PC Gamer's top 100 PC Games of all times contains an interactive fiction game at spot 97. And the good news is: it's not Zork . It's not even Trinity or A Mind Forever Voyaging or anything else by Infocom. It's Anchorhead . And so it should be. Congratulations, Michael Gentry! My own favourite PC game of all time is at number 8, which shows that the people at PC Games have excellent taste. (Hm.) Half the top ten are RPGs, by the way (including the number 10, Fallout 3 , which has been misleadingly labelled as a FPS).

XYZZY Awards 2010, first round

Don't forget to vote for the first round XYZZY Awards, people! Here is the link . The two categories I found hardest were "Best individual PC", because there was no one PC which really grabbed me; and "Best individual puzzle", because there were too many individual puzzles which did. I decided to go for an underdog in the latter case (Tower of Hanoi in The Bryant Collection ), but even that meant slighting another underdog (truly defeating the monster in The Ascot ). As a result, I didn't vote for a single game from the IF Comp... will this be a new trend? (And this too makes me feel a little bad, because there were several very worthy games in the IF Comp. Well!) The competition was just too stiff, and I gave four votes to a game set on an island, two to a game set in a dark wood, two to a game involving whisky, and one to a game involving tentacles. You know what I'm talking about.