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[IF] The Baron wins a XYZZY!

The XYZZY Awards are the Academy Awards of the Interactive Fiction community: all pieces published in the year before are eligible; in a first round of voting, five games are nominated in one of ten categories; in a second round of voting, one winner is chosen in each category; and finally, there is a ceremony on IFMud where the winners are announced. That ceremony was yesterday, and I am happy to tell you that (1) The Baron was nominated in seven of the ten categories (best game, best story, best writing, best NPCs, best PC, best individual NPC and best use of medium), and (2) also managed to actually win of them: Best Use of Medium . This makes me very happy, especially since exploring the potential of the medium was my most important aim. The other winners were: The Elysium Enigma, by Eric Eve (best game, best individual NPC) Floatpoint, by Emily Short (best setting, best NPCs) Delightful Wallpaper by Andrew Plotkin (best writing, best puzzles, best individual puzzle, best PC) The