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Developing Kerkerkruip 2

I have been asked to say a little about the current development of Kerkerkruip , so I will. Once it is released, the new version will be called Kerkerkruip 2 , following the version numbering conventions that have been popularised by Chrome and Firefox: it's not a new game, it's just the next version of the current game. What has changed? My two biggest priorities have been to (a) make the code more robust by rewriting specific interactions as general interactions, and (b) to make the existing content more interesting. The former is mostly behind-the-scenes, though it allowed me to fix some bugs. For instance, I made a specific interaction between the "striking a blow" routine and the Power of the Bomb: if someone hit you for so much damage that you died, and you had the Power of the Bomb, you would explode. But because of this, the power did not get triggered if someone killed you in another way: the tentacle squeezing you to death, for instance. There is now a g