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Kerkerkruip release 7

In these final days of 2012, we are happy to announce the release of Kerkerkruip 7 ! It brings you new enemies, new and improved items, a better unlocking system, and bug fixes. Among the highlights are: * All uninteresting or useless items have been redesigned (or, in a few cases, removed). Your enemies will no longer leave behind identical swords; flash grenades will no longer permanently blind you; and much more! Veteran players will want to examine every item anew to see whether it has changed. * Several new cursed items have been added, including the singing sword and the fearful axe. And there are rumours that the demon lord's diadem isn't as harmless as it seems either. * New items have been added, including the gauntlets of grip, the psychedelic cloak, and the epic periapt of prophecy. * Level 1 and 2 monsters now have more health. This rebalances the early game, which had become a bit too easy over the last few releases. * Three new enemies will appear: the undead mumm

Vote for Roguelike of the Year

ASCII Dreams is once again organising the Roguelike of the Year competition, in which you too can vote (for as many games as you want)! And yes, Kerkerkruip is eligible, so don't forget to consider it.