I would have posted this to the newsgroup, but these days, with the forum going strong -- well, I just don't know where to reach people anymore. :)

There was an apparently large IF-gathering at PAX East 2010, which really sounded like the place to be for all IF-afficionados. Will something similar be going on this year? If so, I will seriously consider coming (although it would be contingent on whether I could combine it with another visit to the US, and with my teaching back home, and uh, on whether it is still possible to get tickets and stuff?).


  1. There's definitely IF stuff going on; seems to be where it's being organized.

  2. As the IFWiki page lists, there's going to be a room or two for people to hang out and do stuff in, for us to offer IF-specific programming as happened last year, and in general mix and mingle.


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