[Announce] "Figaro", version 2

In 2007, I released a small example game called Figaro as part of my entry in Innovation Comp. The main aim was to show that even within traditional IF systems, you can give the player a lot of authorial control. (Of course, it doesn't tackle the problem of how to do this in a larger game.) The secondary aim was to create a fun little diversion.

But Figaro was plagued with some nasty guess-the-verb problems that made it not so accessible and not so fun. Also, I was bugged by this sentence from the IFWiki: "Since the game is only an example, it isn't fully implemented. You cannot, for example, kiss your wife."

So I revisited the game and give you Figaro, version 2. Now with more synonyms, more kissing, more endings, more beta-testing, more cover art, and a source code that has been commented to make it accessible to beginning Inform 7 authors. Of course, everyone is invited to add to the game; it is released under the GPL version 3 or any later version.

These links are to the "unprocessed" part of the IF-Archive, so they will stop working soon -- I will replace them when needed:


  1. The "add a news item" feature on IFDB is exactly for this sort of thing - if I hadn't read your blog on Planet IF, I wouldn't have known about this newer version. Whereas if you do use that feature on IFDB, a "news" item will be lsited on the main page along with the other new releases. Could you please consider using it? I think not too many people know about it at all. The more people use it, the merrier. That way we are always assured of playing the most recent version. :)

  2. In fact, I didn't know about it myself. I'll check it out.

  3. In that case, very glad to have been of help. :)


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