[Announce] "The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode", version 1

I once wrote a game called Hidden Nazi Mode to make a point about the difference between closed and open software. This was not a success, as discussion with my testers showed me that the game was making lots of points, but not the one I wanted it to make. (I explain this at more length in a short essay that accompanies the current game.) So I decided not to release Hidden Nazi Mode.

But there was still a playable, perhaps even a cute, perhaps even a slightly unsettling game left if you took out the hidden Nazi mode. Which is what I did, thus creating The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode. It is small, it is not necessarily intended for adults, it is not ambitious. But there were those who enjoyed it.

Get if at the IFDB.


  1. I find this form of innocence oddly perverse.

  2. There is no such thing as restored innocence.

  3. Then saving innocence is an exercise in futility...

  4. And in this we see that wisdom does not perpetuate itself; for where there is innocence, wisdom is not possible, and where wisdom, innocence is not. Self-perpetuation is not wisdom; it may or may not be innocence.

  5. I just linked this article on my facebook account.it’s an interesting read for everyone.


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