The King of Shreds and Patches on the Kindle

I don't own a Kindle because, well, closed platform, right? But if you do own a Kindle, have access to the Kindle app store, and have even the smallest interest in interactive fiction, I would like to point you to The King of Shreds and Patches.

The King of Shreds and Patches is a very good game; in fact, it appeared in my recent top 10 interactive fiction games ever. It is long, well-written, well-researched, not difficult, and a lot of fun. Because of its length, accessibility, and quality as a page-turner, it is perhaps the single piece of IF which I would have most liked to see ported to an e-reader.

So, highly recommended.

I wrote a long analysis of the game here, but you really shouldn't read that until you have finished the game.


  1. Hey, I'm enjoying the game but find myself stuck without any available hints. I'm waiting to meet George at the Mermaid Inn because I think he'll know where I can find Joseph, but day will not turn to night. Is there something I should be doing? Thank you. :)

  2. Hi, there...

    I'm afraid I can't easily say what you need to be working on, as I don't know exactly what's currently going on in your story. If you choose THINK from the menu, that should give you an idea.

    If that doesn't help, let me know what date it currently is in your story. I may be able to tell you from that what you need to do.

    If I can't, I'll have to ask you for to THINK and either send me a summary of what it says or a screenshot. You can take a screenshot by hitting SHIFT-ALT-G at any time. If you then hook your Kindle up to a PC via USB, you'll see the screenshot (look for a .gif file) in the Kindle's Documents folder.

    But if you don't want to go through that right away, just tell me what the date is first. Hopefully that will be enough.

    It's best if you reply via private email:


  3. I'm in the uk. I don't get any buying options for this game when I visit and it isn't listed on

  4. I'm really enjoying this game, but I've somehow gotten stuck in Barker's house, which is stupid because getting in was fairly easy. I've decided that I'm an idiot--but I would love if someone smart could help. Thanks in advance.

  5. Christine:

    You can get back out the same way you came in... climb the rope back up the chimney. :)

    Note, though, that if something quite... exciting... hasn't happened to you in the house, there's probably still more to discover.


    I'm afraid Kindle apps are only available in the US store right now. I wish very much there was something I could do about that, but we'll just have to wait on Amazon and hope. It wouldn't hurt to tell them how much you would like to buy the app for your Kindle, though. Maybe it helps.

  6. Oh no, I meant off of the roof once I've climbed up the chimney again. I was going to reverse the 'Greek' on my press and come back to snoop around some more.

  7. You can take the hook with the rope attached from the chimney, and put it back into the groove in the gutter of the roof. Then just climb down.

  8. It was a parsing issue in the end; I had to use 'into' rather than 'at' or 'in', etc. Thanks!

  9. Can anyone help me I'm in the part where I am in mr van der wyck. When I type think it always says there is more things to do inside his house even though I cleared the hints

  10. You'll need to review each answer to the hint question "What all is there to find inside van der Wyck's shop?" There must be something on there you haven't done, or haven't done completely. Check them off one by one against your game, and feel free to comment again if there is one you aren't sure what to do about. And make sure you've thoroughly explored the secret room and the upstairs area.

  11. I managed to make a mirror image of the "greek" passage but I can't figure out how to "make sense of it" or who to go to for help to make sense of it. I tried to go back to Dee, but I can't and J. Barker's place is guarded... what now??


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