IF Top 50 -- deadline in 5 days!

If you haven't participated in the Interactive Fiction Top 50 yet, and you still mean to do so, stop procrastinating! The deadline is five days from now: September 30.

You can post your games in that topic, email them to me, or even post them as a comment to this blog entry.


  1. This list could be different but I'm posting it on a Tuesday.

    Mystery Fun House, A Mind Forever Voyaging, Arthur, Wonderland, Amnesia, Trinity, Perry Mason and the Mandarin Murder, T-Zero, Shades of Grey, Curses, The Legend Lives!, Photopia, Spider and Web, Aisle, Savoir Faire, Heroine's Mantle, LASH, Bad Machine, Lost Pig, Treasures of the Slaver's Kingdom, Bonehead

  2. Thanks, I have added your votes to the list!


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