The Parser, No. 1

If you can read German and somehow missed it, check out the new online IF journal The Parser, which is something of a German-language SPAG. (I recommend the PDF-version, because it has stellar production values for a free internet magazine.) This first issue is mostly focused on GerX, the German translation of Inform 7.

It's good to see that the German IF scene is coming back to life!


  1. Any chance you or someone you know might be willing to translate this into English?

  2. That would be quite a bit of work, actually. You could try to get the gist with Google translate: the Editorial becomes this:
    Not great prose, but enough to grasp most of the general meaning. ;)

  3. Yeah, I tried the Google Translate route. I was hoping to have the English version out there as a resource, not just so that I could get the jist of the articles.

    If only I had studied German in school instead of French :-)


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