Inform ATTACK - initial release

I'm pleased to finally publish my Inform 7 combat extension, "Inform ATTACK".

* What is Inform ATTACK?

Inform Advanced TActical Combat Kit is a large (10.000+ word) extension for Inform 7 that allows authors to implement tactical combat in their interactive fiction. The system is powerful out-of-the-box, and very easily extendible. But please read the introductory section of the manual for more information.

* What is the development status of Inform ATTACK?

There are no known bugs and no known missing crucial features. However, ATTACK has only be used by me, and only in two small test games. Thus, there undoubtedly ARE many bugs and missing crucial features. This software should be consider as being beta quality right now, and may be expected to go through non-conservative changes in the near future.

* Where can I get Inform ATTACK?

Download the zip-file at:

* What's in that zip-file?

1. ATTACK-Manual.pdf is the manual.
2. Inform-ATTACK.i7x is the extension. You need to import this into your Inform 7.
3. is the source code of the example game described in the third chapter of the manual.
4. ATTACK-Manual.tex is the LaTeX-file from which the manual was created; you very likely don't need it (but since I release the manual under a free license, it seemed courteous to include it).

* What is sadly lacking?

A polished game integrating combat and story that will prove to the sceptics that tactical combat and IF can be fruitfully combined. (I have a half-finished example game that does this, but I don't know when I'll be able to finish it.) This release contains only the tools for the purpose, not the proof that the purpose is worthy.

* I have questions!

Please read the manual. It has that many pages for a reason.

* I have other questions! I have found bugs! I have things to discuss! I have...

You can react here, or mail me at -- please remove the "q" (added for simple spam protection).


  1. There are now once again no known bugs, thanks to Erik Temple helping me solve the problem with actions that take no time. Get the new version at:

  2. Just got a chance to look at this - this is awesome, and very inspiring. I really have the urge to go make something fight-y now. (Not that it's likely to be soon, given the number of WIP I already have going.) Many thanks.

  3. I just downloaded this and it looks awesome...exactly what I've been wanting! I have rosey dreams of reliving my childhood of playing my favorite rpgs, but using my PC and programming experience to play solo in a greatly enhanced way. I figured I'd eventually get around to building it myself from scratch, but inform7 plus attack plus glulx will work perfectly for what I need...THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks, Anonymous. :) Keep an eye on this site, because I'm planning to release a new version of ATTACK very soon.


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