Looking for Beta-testers

I'm looking for beta-testers for a small game I have written. It is not, perhaps, a "real" game--more a proof on concept, a piece of conceptual art, or a move in a discussion. Think Figaro or +=3, though this piece is more extensive than either of those, and also less about design than about a socio-political issue. (Hm, IFDB has no Figaro page.)

Also, when I say "small", I mean small: I coded up the whole thing this evening, though I did some design work before that. It's a 3271-word source code.

Nevertheless, I think it should play smoothly, and if some of you want to help me with that I would be very pleased! Simply send me an email at victorlilith.cc, where you put the @-symbol between my name and that of Adam's first wife. Or you can leave a comment here with your mail-address.


  1. Little note: I already have five testers, which is probably enough. I'll post again if I need more. :)


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