[IF Competition] Byzantine Perspective

This time, the spoiler space is an important announcement concerning the game Byzantine Perspective. It is not a spoiler. It is an anti-spoiler.
This game has not abandoned you. It is not an untested bugfest. Play on and you will understand.

Right. I mean, without that, people might pull out the hints and spoil the whole thing for themselves Some people already have.

As for a review itself, well, I don't have a lot to say about this game except that I managed to solve the puzzle on my own, and found it very satisfying to do so. Best individual puzzle so far in this competition.

There should be a post-competition version with a bit more polish, though. Things like this shouldn't happen:
> x glass
Which do you mean, the glass, the Hagia Sophia, or the mosaic?

> x tiles
Which do you mean, the mosaic, or the tiles?
Anyway, recommended.


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