Long time no post - but there is hope!

Yes, no new post for too long a time. There are many reasons for this, which range from having too much of my thought devoted to Schopenhauer, Heidegger and the existentialists to spending a lot of time on the course on epistemology and philosophy of science I'm giving, and from having had to install a new computer to RSI-troubles.

But, more relevantly and more fun:

  • I have been working like hell on my translation of De baron, the interactive fiction piece I hope to have ready before the 31st, when the Spring Thing 2006 competition starts.
  • I have been playing Paul Czege's Bacchanal, and have written a review which will appear on rpg.net next friday.
  • I have been playing the Shadow of Yesterday, and am writing a supplement based on this game, called Fleurs du mal (flowers of evil). Decadent, cruel and claustrophobic dark fantasy - which is all about love. Sounds fun, no?
So, the next things you can expect from me are the rpg.net review and The Baron. Hope you will forgive me for my silence - it is the way I have always approached subjects, in an on and off manner. :)


  1. Thanks. ;) Though I won't be really back until after the 31st - this translation business is truly keeping me busy. But I can't really say anything substantial about it - competition rules. :)


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