Advanced Bacchanal

What makes Bacchanal a relatively safe game, is the fact that you are never allowed to narrate the actions of other player characters. It is more or less implicit from the text that the player characters never meet each other. This means that everyone has total control over his or her own character. (I would like to point out that Bacchanal comes quite close to breaking the Czege principle--and gets away with it because the challenges lie at the social level.)

I wonder what would happen if you add this rule:

The invitation

If the character of the player who is about to roll his dice is at the same location as the character of another player, that other player may offer the first a wine die from his glass. If the first player accepts, he is under the obligation to describe decadent acts involving both characters in the scene to be. This does not relieve the player of the obligation to roll the dice (including the new wine die!) and form his narration in accordance with the results of that roll.


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