[IF Comp 2013] "Sam and Leo go to the Bodega" by Richard Goodness

By now you probably know that the Interactive Fiction Competition 2013 is happening. Spoilers behind the break.

Sam and Leo go to the Bodega is a short choice-based game about two stoned guys going to a convenience store to buy drinks, cookies, crisps and ice cream. You get to choose between four option in each of these categories, and are rewarded with a flashback to their former life, as well as a discussion about whatever they're buying.

Good-natured and entirely inconsequential.

Sam Ashwell reads the piece as an ill-natured attack on Twine games. Perhaps that is true, but I find Sam and Leo go to the Bodega too toothless to be believable as satire. And that means I'll label it the way I did.


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