[Art of Fugue] First three puzzles

So, today I'd like to present an alpha version The Art of Fugue, which you can download here. The Art of Fugue is strictly a puzzle game--do not expect any story at all. In fact, it's a sequence of puzzles, and you can type "next puzzle" and "previous puzzle" to switch between them, and "restart puzzle" to reset a puzzle you think you have made unsolvable.

These are not standard interactive fiction puzzles, though, as will be apparent as soon as you play it. All of the puzzles are based on the same system, and the aim of the work is to explore this basic system and present the player with a sequence of puzzle of increasing complexity.

The reason that I am posting an alpha version with only three puzzles is that some of you might be not only interested in solving puzzles I have thought up, but also in thinking up new puzzles within the system of The Art of Fugue. If so, if you think you would like to design one or more puzzles, either on paper or in code, send me an email or leave a comment. Collaboration would be very much appreciated!

Of course, comments on the system itself or the three puzzles already created are also appreciated, and can be posted here.

My email address is victor /\ lilith.cc, where you have to replace the /\ with the usual at-sign.


  1. How would you feel about making the source code available as well? That way we could design additional puzzles in code using your work as a starting place, then send it back to you for approval, disapproval, or further tinkering.

  2. O, yes, certainly! That I would give anyone interested the source code was so evident to me that I forgot to mention it. :)

    Only reason I didn't already post it, is that I want to add some comments to make it more readable.


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