Planet IF looks like my mailbox

Unfortunately, when I open my mailbox, I often have to wade through the spam. Popular right now are acai berry solutions to obesity, fake expensive watches, and, of course, large reproductive organs. In that latter category, I would like to nominate "Be like King Kong with an enormous dong" for trying to be original, and "You need a big tool to penetrate a woman's heart" for trying too hard.

Anyway, I am reminded of my mailbox when I open Planet IF, otherwise a good website, and a website where this post will in fact show up. Planet IF now looks like this:
  • Casebook Episode 0, a 250 MB free "demo" of the Casebook FMV/Hidden Object game series:
  • "Adventure Quest", a play based on 80s games such as King's Quest opens in June in Brooklyn, NY:
  • Strong Bad and Sam & Max seasons 50% off on Steam until May 18:
  • Get any one episode of any one Telltale game for $5 using this code: 3XD-EYS-MRW-4JV
That looks a lot like my mailbox. All of it is unsolicited advertising for commercial products, and, guess what, none of it has anything to do with interactive fiction. Even more strangely, the messages are just this--there is not other text. If you click on the links, you just get to see the title again, but in a very large font.

So please, brasslantern, whoever you are: stop spamming us with these contentless, non-IF-related posts? And maybe just post something to your blog if you have more than one sentence to write?

P.S. They even go as far as to use redirecting hyperlinks, so you can't see to what website they actually link?


  1. Brass Lantern lives here, for the record. It's a website that covers 'adventure' games of all stripes and types.

    Planet IF is (wisely or unwisely) picking up its Twitter feed. Twitter has a very tight character limit, which is why the URLs have to be shortened (and therefore obscured).

    I agree that Brass Lantern does seem to be swamping the actual IF content of Planet IF somewhat...

  2. Isn't it somewhat unfair lashing out on Brass Lantern? It's not like Brass Lantern maintains the Twitter feed only for Planet IF's purposes, or that they could choose which posts show on Planet IF and what don't.

    Instead of complaining to Brass Lantern (which is unlikely to change their concept just so that your feed from a third party would be "pure IF") you could contact Planet IF's administrator so that they could review whether it's reasonable to keep Brass Lantern in the syndication.

    Personally I don't follow Planet IF because of the Grand Text Auto posts, which are relatively frequent and have IF content only very seldom.

  3. "be like king kong with an enormous dong."

    *slowly claps hands*


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