Second Person

This may be interesting to the readers of the blog: a new MIT press book called Second Person. It contains articles about RPGs (Jonathan Tweet, Greg Costikyan, Kenneth Hite and Paul Czege are among the contributors), it contains articles about interactive fiction (about Shade, Planetfall and Savoir-Faire, among others), and it reprints three Hogshead Press "New Style" RPGs (Puppetland, Bestial Acts, Baron of Munchhausen).

It certainly is on my wishlist.


  1. Second Person is a very good read and I recommend it highly--though I'm a little biased since I'm in there. Some of the papers are only a couple of pages long, but others are in-depth and thought-provoking: I particularly enjoyed Costikyan's and Borgstrom's.

    A minor correction: of the three RPGs at the back, Bestial Acts was never published by Hogshead (though we did release Greg Costikyan's Violence so it's an understandable mistake), and both Puppetland and Baron Munchausen have been re-written for this new release.

  2. Emily Short recently posted a good review of the book on her site; all of these recommendations make me want to buy it too :).


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