[Shades] A designer's joy

I am a happy man. Two friends of mine playtested Shades last night, and I just got a report by email that ended with the following lines:

Bedankt voor het mogelijk maken van deze fantastische sessie. Ik kan me op dit moment niet indenken een intenser, dramatischer rollenspel mee te maken.


Thank you for making this brilliant session possible. At the moment, I cannot conceive of experiencing a more intense, more dramatic roleplaying game.

I mean, wow. Wow.


  1. Yeah, and I mean it. It simply was really intense... The music, atmosphere and stuff really helped, naturally, but it was brilliant.

  2. Congrats! My buddy Will keeps telling me that we should play it with our local group, so you've definitely impressed more than one person.


  3. Good to hear! I'm still looking for playtests, so if your buddy Will manages to convince anyone to play it with him, I'd be much obliged if he posted about it on The Forge or this blog.


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