Here is an update on the Journal of RPG theory. After getting more information about PUSH from Jonathan Walton, Nathan, Joshua and I decided that it is a good idea for theorists to focus on this publication for the present. If time reveals that PUSH leaves something to be desired that a Journal of RPG Theory could offer, we can always start a new project.

So, keep an eye out for the first issue of PUSH, which is coming soon if I understood Jonathan correctly. Also, start thinking about what theory topics you would like to write about in the second issue. I suggest you start writing such an article right now, in the form of blog posts which can be discussed by the community. That seems the right cycle to me - first discuss in blogs, then write an article which incorporates the results of those discussions. The article may spark new controversy, or it may not, but even if it only succeeds in capaturing the insight that results from lively and informed discussions, it is a great boon to the community.


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