[Shades] Looking for playtesters!

So, I just finished the newest playtest version of Shades. Obviously, I'll go and ask several people to play it with me. But this post is also a call for external playtesters.

Where do I get the game?

Just right-click on the above link, and choose "Save as..." or something like that.

What do I need to do?

Get one or two other players together, and play the game! I estimate that it will take two hours to play one game, a bit longer with three players. (And perhaps an hour longer in 'hell' mode.) If you could play more games with the same person, that would be very, very great.

Where do I publish my experiences?

You can either publish them as a reaction on this post, or email me: victor [at] lilith [dot] gotdns [dot] org. Better yet, start a topic in Actual Play on The Forge, and send me an email or a PM about it.

What do I get in return?

My eternal gratitude? The names of all playtesters will, of course, be put into the final version of the text, with lots of praise surrounding them. Furthermore, you are helping the indie RPG community, and hopefully have several fun hours of gaming!

What are you going to do with the game?

That depends on the results of the playtest. If the final game is fun to play and successful in reaching my design goals, I will very probably publish it in real, paper form. (With art and stuff. I love paper books.) If things don't go as well, I'll at least release the final text in both PDF and LaTeX format under a Creative Commons license. I might do that anyway, even if I decide to publish it 'for real'.

If you have any further questions, or if there are any unclarities in the rules, please leave a comment here (or email me).


  1. I'll try and snag my home-for-the-holidays brother and work up a game.

  2. Hi Joshua,

    That would be very cool.

    The first playtest of the new rules happened yesterday. It was midnight, and I was leaving the house of my friend Eva (who lives a short walking distance away from me) where we had been playing Polaris. Also there was Annette, who stayed the night at Eva's place because she couldn't get to her house by train anymore.

    As I was leaving, Eva asked: "How is Shades going." I said: "The new playtest rules are ready. The two of you could start playing it right now." Eva: "And come tell you the results when we've finished?" I: "*Laughing* Sure, if you play an entire session now, you can wake me up to tell me how it went!"

    Needless to say, at 2:45 in the night my doorbell rang. Argh.

    But, what I heard about the game was pretty positive! I'm expecting a full AP report though.


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