Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kerkerkruip Let's Play #2

Let's play Kerkerkruip again. This time, I attempt a devious strategy using blood magic, reflection, throwing grenades into adjacent rooms, and sacrificing as many powers as possible to Chton, the god of death. Will it succeed? You can find out here.


  1. That was exciting to watch!

    I've noticed in past games that Malygris turns you into a human whenever you have an advantage as an undead creature. Is he still able to do that when you use Chton's favor to become undead?

    1. No. Malygris can onyl deghoul you; he cannot take away other undead forms. (Also, I don't think he can deghoul you when this has been granted as a gift by Chton, though I'd have to check the source to be sure.) Plus, in the new builds, Malygris only has the deghouling power a certain percentage of the games.

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